Our World

Our Vision

Presenting a collection made of pure linen, we provide you with a range of modern & customisable products that are up to date with the current trends.
With nobility at heart, our collection focuses on the purity of the fabrics. Exhibiting a timeless elegance that will never go out of style; our products are the combined effort of using only the finest materials and meticulous sewing techniques.
From our home to yours, we offer masterfully crafted linens of unparalleled quality, contemporary designs and infinite personalisation options.


Our Commitment


We believe that the little things matter. Our creations are made to last and to become an intimate part of your everyday lives.
We maintain the integrity of our products from the sourcing of the fabric, to the selection of our skilled partners.
A natural ressource, this noble fiber also seduced us for its environmentally friendly properties: biodegradable, reduced water consumption and less chemical engineering. Additionally, obtaining also linen supports traditional farming, thus, preserving the practice & tradition of this ancestral art.
With great attention to both quality and sustainability, our range of products consists of various styles, with the option of selecting: thread colours, sizes, and placements that fit your preferences perfectly. We can also reproduce a design of your own if you wish.
In other words, YOU customize everything to your taste! 

Our Story


#Made in Italy & born in MonteCarlo.
Based in glamorous Monaco, in the French Riviera, ALIA is the result of a French and an Italian who share a vision: redesigning your interiors to the ultimate detail - one that lives up to your wildest dreams.
The inspiration came from admiring the finesse of the local craftsmanship, and a creative vision that aims to redefine the collaboration of an ancestral art - for the modern world. With stunning designs and colours, and the option to add personalised elements, ALIA provides a selection of home linens that are contemporary, with an everlasting quality.
"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." Leonardo Da Vinci


Our Production


Our products are 100% made in Tuscany – the home to skilled ateliers, linen production, and traditional methods of embroidery.
Raw fabrics local to the city, coupled with the best craftsmanship, make our our collection of bed, bath and table linens, unique and of premium quality.
We thoroughly follow the entire manufacturing process down to the smallest, most intricate detail: hemstitching, mitered corners, exquisite embroidery and even the extra measure of making our fitted bedsheets much deeper for a perfect fit. We dedicate our time in perfecting our craft by tending to each piece carefully and precisely, in order to provide you with luxurious, premium quality creations ALIA is championing for.